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Over the years we have worked with and at many different organizations in product development.

We have worked in the following countries with different nationalities.

Here are three highlighted projects that we are particularly proud of.

Skyscanner Japan | Kick-starting the product organization |

Size of the organization: 10-20 people

Year: 2016 - 2017

Situation: Skyscanner have set up a joint venture in Tokyo, Japan with Yahoo!Japan. Half of the founding team was from Skyscanner and the other half from Yahoo!Japan. There was no team at all, the product thinking and mindset was very limited. There hasn’t been any product development process.

Achieved results: Building out the entire product development and management process from zero. Hiring new designers, product managers. Changing the mindset of the entire team to product mindset.


Trekhunt | Zero to One

Size of the organization: 4-12 people

Year: 2018 - 2019

Situation: Trekhunt have started as product idea of four co-founders. They had a bold vision of changing the outdoor adventures landscape and building a search engine that could list all the outdoor adventure activities in the world. There was no team, product organization, product development process, product thinking in the beginning.

Achieved results: Trekhunt becomes a leading a search engine for outdoor adventure tours and activities. A fully functional agile product development team is set up. The delivery rate is above 90% per sprint. The entire organization has a distinguished product mindset where people are thinking with the head of the users and each of them strives to create user value and not just features. There are at least 3 user tests or user interviews every week and it is part of the product discovery process.


Motomoshi | Zero to One

Size of the organization: 4-12 people

Year: 2018 - 2019

Situation: Motomoshi have started as product idea of an engineering founder. He has built the MVP of the product that was used by some users in Bulgaria.

Achieved results: Motomoshi becomes the de facto fuel and expense tracking product in Bulgaria. An organization is built around the product. Designers and engineers have been hired. A product development process is established. The delivery rate is above 90% per sprint. There are regular user tests and user interviews. The product becomes a mobile-first native product.