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You need to know who your competitors are and how to evaluate them.

We believe in simplicity. You see this page because you already have listed the problems in your mind. We don’t want to rob your time with unnecessary fluff. So here is how we can save you.

You probably landed on this page because you want to beat your competition. You may have a product idea or perhaps a business already that isn’t evolving well enough and would like to know why and if any competitors are the root cause of that.


Well, most of your competitors are thinking exactly the same way. They are constantly working on to outsmart you and find the best way to beat you on the market. That’s the first thing that you need to accept and keep in mind always. You’re never alone. In fact if you are alone on a market that almost always signals that something is wrong. Usually it’s not a real need you are trying to solve with your product.


So knowing your competition is absolutely crucial. You need to know them inside out to beat them. You need to understand why they are making certain moves, what their strategy is, what their strengths and weaknesses are both in terms of the product and the business.


It doesn’t mean that you should blindly copy them. You need to understand their main motives. You need to understand why they are doing something, why they are developing a certain feature, what insights they have, based on they are making decisions and acting upon. After you’ve understood the basis of their decisions, then you have to act based on those insights.


Competition is always fierce and you shouldn’t bury your head into the sand. You need to know who your competitors are and evaluate them.


This is where we can help you. You may not have the resources (time, people) to do a thorough research and analysis of your competitors.


We have done plenty of competitor discovery and analysis over the years based on various attributes. We can help you too.


Contact us if you’ve got interested. We’re there for you.

1 hr video call with one our product experts