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You need to analyse your data and make product decisions.

We believe in simplicity. You see this page because you already have listed the problems in your mind. We don’t want to rob your time with unnecessary fluff. So here is how we can save you.

Big Data. We are living in the big data era. Almost everything can be measured and we have access to more data that we can realistically consume and understand in a lifetime. The real question is what data should we really look at. What is the most important information that can help us to make effective product decisions?


You probably landed on this page because you are facing a problem related to the above. You probably have tons of data you could analyse to make your product better, but don’t know exactly where to start and where you could find the data that could make the difference.


The good news is that digital products have a lot of similarities in terms of how to analyse them. There are essentially two basic types of analysis that you can do with your data.


  1. Validate your assumptions to make sure you are on the right track

  2. Dig out surprising insights that could change the entire course of your product and business


The first one is always easier because you know exactly where to look and what to look. There are typical metrics that you can check in most of the cases. Various funnels, retention, referral metrics are all such sort of data that can help you validate your assumptions quantitatively.


The second one is tricky. Some call it art. We call it experience. You need to feel where to look for, what typical metrics to check to uncover some interesting insights from the tons of data you have.


We’ve seen and analysed over petabytes of data with various methods. We’ve uncovered insights, sometimes super weird insights that helped many product managers, executives and their companies to make better decisions with their products. We can help you too.

1 hr video call with one our product experts