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You want to use agile frameworks (Kanban, Scrum) in your organisation

We believe in simplicity. You see this page because you already have listed the problems in your mind. We don’t want to rob your time with unnecessary fluff. So here is how we can save you.

If you are reading this is because you want your team(s) to deliver products more effectively and you have encountered the concepts of Agile, Kanban, Scrum and similar things. Perhaps you’ve already tried out some of these with more or less success.


You probably have concerns in your company with the speed of delivery, agility to change, estimations, perhaps even with your team. The good thing is that you are not alone with this. There are thousands of teams out there who face the same problems.


Although there are certain things you can learn from the books to overcome the typical issues of introducing agile, the reality is that you have to do it and fail sometimes to improve all of this.


What we can do for you is supporting your team(s) from start to make sure you get to the point with these frameworks where you want to. Sitting down with them and helping them at all maturity phases.

1 hr video call with one our product experts

What we can do for you

Agile Audit

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Systematically going through the current processes, workflows and talking with people. Identifying issues, bottlenecks and delivering specific tailor-made recommendations what to change.


Tailor-made trainings and workshops
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Helping people understand the key concepts and learn to use the necessary tools.


Introducing Kanban and/or Scrum

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No matter if it’s only a team or an entire organization. We have experience in both cases. We can craft a tailor-made plan based on the blueprints and the methodologies we have developed over the years.


Coaching teams working on actual products

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It has a tremendous impact on a team if we can support them in the field. It’s direct and it’s real. It’s not just classroom-talk. We sit with them when necessary. We participate their plannings. We guide them on the way.

Further reading

Agile. You haven’t landed on this page to read a philosophical debate. Still, although it’s transformed into processes and such, it is utmost important to understand the following: Agile is not about Management. “Agile is a set of values and disciplines that can help a relatively small team of software crafts-men and -women build small to medium sized products.” (Uncle Bob).


The Agile Manifesto.


It is important to state this.


Scrum. Kanban. These are two popular software development frameworks that are drenched in the perfect pond of values and disciplines of Agile. They help teams to deliver products effectively.